Lip Filler

Our lips, like our skin, lose water as we age, wrinkle, in other words, they age. Lip fillers are applied to restore the lost volume to the lips or to prevent the wrinkles around the lips from deepening. In addition, lip fillers can also be applied to correct lip asymmetries that occur due to some of our gestures and facial expressions.

The filler with the closest properties to our skin is hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid, which is produced by our body itself, is the first preferred material for lip augmentation. Lips are an important area on our lower face that attracts as much attention as the chin, sometimes even more. If our lips and teeth are compatible, our smile is meaningful and beautiful. For this reason, the condition of the teeth and whether the clenching muscle is too active or not are among the situations that should be evaluated when filling the lips.

Anyone who wants to moisturize the lips (it can delay aging), give volume, correct lip asymmetry, correct lip asymmetry, and lighten ‘smokerlines’, that is, the lines on the lips, can have lip fillers.

It is applied by specialized physicians. It may cause a slight edema on the first day and the next day. The application time is approximately 20 minutes and depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid used, the effect may last for 12 months.

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